Ravensara Essential Oil

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Ravensara Essential Oil

Botanical Name:
Ravensara aromatica
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Our ravensara essential oil is steam distilled from the leaves of Ravensara aromatica. This top note adds fresh and herbaceous bouquets to diffuser blends, perfumes, or aroma sprays. It is popular in massage oils or muscle rub salves. The naturally cleansing properties of this oil are beneficial in DIY cleaning recipes, much like tea tree or citrus oils.

Ravensara oil is sometimes found under the botanical name of Agathophyllum aromatica. Other common names include Madagascar clove, four spices, or clove nutmeg showcasing the range of aromatic notes reflected within this single botanical. Ravensara is a member of the same family as camphor, cinnamon, bay laurel, and ho wood. It is not to be confused with the similarly named ravintsara, which is distilled from Cinnamomum camphora.

This oil has an herbal and camphoraceous aroma with hints of sweetness. It becomes warmer in the drydown with prominent spicy notes. There are similarities to eucalyptus, black pepper oils, and cinnamon leaf but with a softer touch.

Ravensara oil contains limonene, α-terpinene, sabinene, α-pinene, linalool, methyl eugenol, estragol (methylchavicol), and 1,8-cineole (also known as eucalyptol).

Limonene is contained within most citrus oils such as orange, grapefruit, tangerine, lemon, and more. It is also found in palo santo, dill seed, white camphor, and pine oils. α-Terpinene will be found in tea tree, Roman chamomile, and juniper berry oils. Sabinene is found within nutmeg and juniper berry.

Linalool is a well-known terpene found in ho wood, lavender tea tree, lavender, lavender grosso, and ylang ylang. Methyl eugenol is commonly part of bay laurel, tarragon, and myrtle. Estragol found within tarragon, basil (estragol chemotype), sweet fennel, and myrtle. 1,8-cineole, also known as eucalyptol, is found in all eucalyptus, cajeput, and Spanish marjoram.

Blending and Uses
Ravensara essential oil is useful in diffusers, shower bombs, or facial steams to help support healthy and invigorated breathing with its fresh and pleasing aroma. Basil, oregano, and eucalyptus oils can be combined for synergistic effects when you are feeling congested and sluggish.

This oil can be used in surface cleaning recipes with lemon, orange, or with lemon tea tree in surface cleaners, laundry, and mopping.

Ravensara is often included in lotion and salve recipes for use on some skin irritations or occasionally achy muscles and joints from overexertion. These recipes can also benefit from the combination of tea tree, lavender, Roman chamomile, or peppermint. Similar essential oil blends can also be used in homemade chest rubs that are helpful for restful sleep, balanced mood, and supportive of focused and calm states.

When utilized in perfume formulations, it adds beautiful spiced and earthy notes to help lift away negativity. Blend with warming ginger, allspice, or sandalwood. Ravensara also pairs wonderfully with grapefruit, lavender, or rosemary for fresh and floral aromatherapy.

1/2 oz. and 1 oz. essential oils are packaged in amber glass bottles with drop reducers for easy application. Larger sizes are packaged in amber screw cap bottles and do not come with reducers or droppers.

This oil is potentially carcinogenic based on estragole and methyl eugenol content. Never use essential oils undiluted, in eyes or mucus membranes. Do not take internally unless working with a qualified healthcare practitioner. Keep away from children and pets.

Before using perform a small patch test on your inner forearm or back. Apply a small quantity of diluted essential oil and cover with a bandage. If you experience any irritation use carrier oil or cream to further dilute the essential oil, and then wash with soap and water. If no irritation occurs after 48 hours it is safe to use on your skin. Learn more about using essential oils here.

This information has not been evaluated by the Food and Drug Administration. This product is not intended to diagnose, treat, cure, or prevent any disease. For educational purposes only.