Chamomile, Roman Seeds

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Chamomile, Roman Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Chamaemelum nobile
Strictly Medicinals
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Chamaemelum nobile does well in partial to full sun, and well-draining slightly sandy soil. The flowers are harvested for making herbal tea but can also be used in cooking or cosmetics creations.

Roman chamomile is much shorter than German chamomile and grows no taller than half a foot in height. They tend to cluster in groups and spread, making them perfect as a lawn green. Their flowers bloom through the months of June to September, and they are best collected when fully open. With a characteristic fruity scent, these flowers are also little less bitter in flavor than German chamomile flowers.

Once established, Roman chamomile will send out shoots that aid in spreading this dense plant. Their seeds can be started indoors or outside depending on the time of year. It is best to sow seeds outdoors in an open area once the danger of frost has passed, and seedlings should emerge within a week or two. If planting outside as ground cover, it is important to maintain weeding in order to avoid competition and choking of the young plants.

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