Seed Stewardship Project Lobelia Seeds

Botanical Name:
Lobelia cardinalis
Common Names:
Cardinal Flower
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Human development of native wetland habitats has created significant challenges for Lobelia cardinalis and it has been further imperiled by the over-harvesting of its flowers. It is listed as salvage restricted, threatened, regulated, or critically imperiled in multiple U.S. states.

This plant is pollinator and bird friendly and provides nectar for hummingbirds and swallowtail butterflies. It is also a beautiful plant to enjoy in the garden.


Mix seeds with a tablespoon of fine sand for even distribution. Strew on soil in pots and press firmly. Do not cover with more soil. Keep moist.

Once they are established, transplant 12" apart in the garden, meadow, pond edges, or along waterways where the soil is always moist.

Does well in areas that experience brief flooding. Provide thick mulch of organic compost to retain constant soil moisture and protect against winter cold.

Lobelia cardinalis is easily grown in rich soil in zones 3-9. This wetland perennial requires constantly-moist soil and prefers partial shade.

Approximately 100 seeds per pack.


Mountain Rose Herbs created the Seed Stewardship Project to raise awareness about at-risk plants that are in need of our help. It is our hope that this solution-oriented approach of supplying free seeds to those able to plant them will help rebuild the populations of these special plants. We thank you for being a seed steward in your community and for helping us to create a ripple of change for people, plants, and planet.
*While supplies last. If we are unable to include the free seeds in your order due to inventory, we ask that you add them to your next order. We will not be able to back order or exchange the free seeds. We are also unable to add them to you order after your order is placed. If placing a phone order, please mention which free seed packet you would like. 


We've created this community map for seed stewards to add individual pins, showcasing which seeds have been planted and where. We hope to fill the map with pins, as we rebuild the populations of these special plants. Explore the map below, and click on any pin to see details and user-added photos. Want to add your own pin? Add your free seed packet to any regular order, then scan the QR code once you receive your seeds.