Spilanthes Seeds

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Spilanthes Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Acmella oleracea
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Spilanthes does best when planted in rich, fertile soil with direct sunlight. Distinguishable by their conical petalless yellow flowerheads that feature a deep red colored center, these plants make a lovely addition to any garden. Spilanthes leaves are mostly used as a culinary herb for their lemony flavor.

Part of the Asteraceae family, Spilanthes can grow up to twelve inches tall in mounding formations much like daisies. Spilanthes can branch outwards of up to two feet in height and has medium sized, dark green serrated leaves. Acmella oleracea produces continuous blooms from mid-July to early August.

Start seeds in nutrient-rich soil indoors at least four to six weeks before the last frost date. Keep moderately moist to avoid root rot. Seedlings should emerge within twelve days. Young plants can be moved outside once they are a few inches tall and the danger of frost has passed.

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