Wood Betony Extract

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Wood Betony Extract

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  • Organic
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Botanical Name:
Stachys officinalis
1:5 Dried Aerial Portion
Alcohol Percent:
38% - 48%
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Product Details

Native to Europe, Stachys officinalis has a long history of use in traditional European herbalism for its wellness promoting qualities. Wood betony is an herbaceous member of the mint family, with a spike of purple flowers and heart-shaped leaves at its base that become opposite, oval, and toothed as they make their way up the stem. Legend states that the name betony reportedly came from the Celtic language ‘bew’ translating to head and ‘ton’ translating to good.

Wood betony is also steeped in folklore and magical properties, especially surrounding protection and dreaming. Aromatic and astringent, wood betony has historically been employed as a general tonic for its wide range of beneficial qualities. In fact, an Italian proverb dating to the Middle Ages was to “sell your coat and buy betony”. And in ancient Rome, Antonius Musa, chief physician to the Roman emperor Caesar August, catalogued 47 conditions he treated with the herb. This beloved botanical is considered a nervine with an affinity for the digestive system and cranium. 

Our wood betony extract is aromatic, slightly bitter, and sweet. Wood betony tincture pairs nicely with feverfew tincture, linden tincture, and chamomile tincture. Considered energetically grounding in some traditions, we also enjoy a few drops of the liquid extract in herbal teas such as easy day tea or peace tea.

Organic alcohol, water, and dried organic wood betony aerial portion.

Packaging & Shipping
• 1 oz., 2 oz., and 4 oz. extracts come in amber glass bottles with a dropper.

• 8 oz. size comes in amber glass bottles with a plastic screw cap and does not include a dropper.

No known precautions.
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