Wood Betony Seeds

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Wood Betony Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Stachys officianalis
Strictly Medicinals
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Wood betony does especially well if grown in average to medium, well-draining soil, and full sun. Stachys officianalis is a thick, fast-growing, bush-like plant that is characterized by its brilliant blooms. Its flowers range in color from white to pink to deep purple and blooms from June to August. All parts of the wood betony plant can be collected and used fresh or dried for making tinctures and teas.

Stachys officianalis is a part of the Lamiaceae family and has many dense, hairy, and scalloped dark green leaves similar in appearance to lamb’s ears. The flowering stems grow nine to twelve inches tall from the main basal clump at its center. The tubular shaped flowers line the length of the flowering stems intermittently and are long lasting even after cutting which makes for excellent decorum.

It is best to directly sow seeds into prepared soil outside in the late summer or early fall. After a period of stratification over the winter season, seedlings will emerge in the early spring. If growing indoors, seeds should be mixed with moistened planting mix and moved to the fridge for around 21 days to mimic the natural stratification process. From there, seeds can be planted in prepared planters with potting soil indoors. Seedlings should emerge within two weeks and can be safely transplanted outside once the danger of the last spring frost has passed.

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