Anise Hyssop Seeds

Botanical Name: Agastache foeniculum
Seeds per Pack: 50
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As a member of the mint family, Agastache foeniculum produces highly aromatic leaves that feature a licorice-like or anise flavor. The fresh or dried leaves can be used in herbal teas, salads, or for flavoring jellies and jams. Despite its common name, anise hyssop is not closely related to hyssop, however, it does feature similar beautiful purple to violet racemes when in bloom.

Anise hyssop does especially well if grown in full sun to partial shade. This herb can tolerate a wide range of soil types if it is allowed proper drainage. It grows upright reaching two to four feet at maturity and is distinguishable by its toothy, ovate leaves and showy blue-purple tubular blooms.

Seeds can be easily started in planters or sown directly outside. Lightly tamp seeds into soil and leave in a sunny area to encourage germination. Seedlings should emerge within one to two weeks. Be aware that this herb can spread aggressively if planted outdoors.

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