Hops Extract

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Botanical Name: Humulus lupulus
Extraction: 1:5 Fresh Strobile
Alcohol Percent: 40% - 60%
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Humulus lupulus is an herbaceous perennial native to Europe, western Asia, and North America. The climbing plant has distinctive flower cones, called strobiles, that are referred to as hops. Inside the hops are golden grains that form a resinous, sticky greenish-yellow substance called lupulin. A member of the Cannabaceae family, hops flowers are known for their highly aromatic and bitter qualities.

Hops may be best known as a quintessential ingredient in beer. First used to flavor beer throughout Asia, brewing with hop flowers eventually spread into Europe. Throughout many ancient cultures the lore of hops and beer was closely intertwined. The Sumerian goddess, Ninkasi, was the goddess of brewing and head brewer to the gods. The Romans reportedly said that hops grew abundantly (almost smothering) "wild among the willows, like wolves among sheep", leading to the species name, lupulus.

The use of hops in traditional herbal medicine stems almost as far back as its use as a preserving and bittering agent in beer. Many ancient healing systems employed the bright green flower as a relaxing nervine and digestive in addition to its other wellness supporting properties. Hops are considered energetically cooling and drying and are bitter and pungent to taste with citrusy aromatics. Hops promotes healthy relaxation and sleep.*

Our hops tincture is made using fresh organic hop flowers and organic alcohol. Bitter and aromatic with classic spicy and citrus notes, hops extract can be taken alone in water or added to juice. It blends well with chamomile extract, passionflower extract, or valerian extract. Hops extract can even be added to herbal teas such as happy tummy tea.

Organic alcohol, water, and fresh organic hops strobile.

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