Lavender Seeds

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Botanical Name: Lavandula angustifolia
Seeds per Pack: 50
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This munstead variety of L. angustifolia is a northern-hardy dwarf strain of English lavender that bears thick racemes of blue flowers. This variety is preferred by landscapers because of its compact form, cold-hardiness, heat tolerance, and great longevity. The plant prefers full sun and a dry to mesic, well-drained soil. The seed is very hard, and will benefit from a brisk sandpaper stratification, followed by sowing on sandy soil in the light. Keep moist until germination, which can take four to six weeks. Once the seedlings gain a healthy size, transplant to quarts. Grow for a few weeks, then transplant again up to gallons, always freeing the roots at transplant and using a rich but fast-draining mix. When transplanting out into the garden, space plants two to three feet apart.

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