Marshmallow Seeds

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Marshmallow Seeds

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Botanical Name:
Althaea officinalis
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Althaea officinalis grows well in sandy to loamy moist soil with full sun exposure. A member of the Malvaceae family, this plant is distinguished by its showy ornamental flowers. The roots, leaves, and flowers can all be utilized. Leaves are harvested prior to any flowering in the spring, and roots are normally harvested for use in the fall.

Marshmallow is a bushy plant made up of many toothed, dark green leaves, and grows to a height of four feet. It blooms beautiful, almost hibiscus shaped, pale pink flowers during the summer. It is commonly found growing in marshy areas, which is made evident by its name.

Growing marshmallow by seed can best be accomplished with early spring planting. Seeds can be sown directly outside once the danger of frost has passed by scattering in groups of five or six just below the soils surface about 18 inches apart. The planted areas should be kept evenly moist and will take four to six weeks to germinate and sprout. Plants will grow rapidly once temperatures warm.

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