Neroli Hydrosol

Botanical Name: Citrus aurantium
Origin: Morocco
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Neroli hydrosol is water-steam distilled from the fragrant blossoms of orange trees. It is a beautiful and seductive botanical fragrance that is excellent used alone as a toner and body spray, or in place of water in fine lotions or body creams. 

Neroli, which is the sweet essence extracted from orange blossoms, has been used in perfumery since the days of ancient Egypt. Neroli was also one of the ingredients included in the original Eau de Cologne from Germany in the early 1700s. With a similar, though much softer, scent compared to the essential oil, this hydrosol is an economical option compared to the precious oil.

Used as a staple throughout the perfume industry, this astringent hydrosol also makes a wonderful toner or aftershave. Emotionally, neroli is calming and grounding and is believed to help heal the heart. Although they make up small percentages of its composition, neroli hydrosol contains linalool and α-terpineol.

Supremely delightful with a luscious scent, you will want to use this indulgent botanical water any way you can. Perfect for all skin types, this hydrosol may be used alone as a body mist or added to body care recipes in place of water. This hydrosol is complemented by citrusy essential oils such as orange, petitgrain, and mandarin for a refreshing aroma spray. Rose, sandalwood, or coriander essential oils also make wonderful additions for alluring scent blends.

Neroli hydrosol is crafted via water-steam distillation of fresh Citrus aurantium. Suitable for cosmetic use.

Organic neroli hydrosol, 0.4% sodium benzoate (a preservative).

The 3oz. and 8oz. sizes come in an amber glass bottle with a mister top. 16 oz., 64 oz., and 1 gallon bulk sizes come in plastic bottles without misters.