Palm Kernel Oil

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Botanical Name: Elaeis guineensis
Origin: Brazil
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Our organic palm kernel oil is pressed from the kernels of the Elaeis guineensis palm tree and has a thick texture similar to coconut oil. It is a popular ingredient in handmade soap to increase its lather and hardness, and may also be used in a multitude of other cosmetic and body care products for its moisturizing properties. It will melt around 80-82 degrees Fahrenheit.

This palm oil is grown in peat-free Brazilian agroforests in mineral soils that do not utilize deforestation or burning practices. The efforts of this environmentally centered growing group have been awarded by Greenpeace for their commitment to biodiversity of healthy forests and the communities who live within them. The flora and fauna (including rare and threatened species) are researched and supported where over half of the land is guarded as a forest preserve. They also work with groups of smallholder family farms who grow on their private land and are provided seedlings, tools, PPE and more with their entire harvests guaranteed to sell at market price.

Mountain Rose Herbs will only support palm oil operations which adhere to strict environmental sustainability programs. As is our standard, the harvester and manufacturer of the palm oil we offer adheres to highly detailed sustainable harvesting protocols with oversight from state and environmental programs such as IBD Brazil’s Organic and EcoSocial program and Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO).

The recent partnership between RSPO and the World Wildlife Fund (WWF) in 2018 has helped to bolster the practices and quality standards of RSPO, as the beginnings of RSPO were unfortunately inadequate to prevent deforestation and protect threatened habitats. The WWF continues to monitor all RSPO operations. Our palm oil is certified under RSPO-Identity Preserve, one of the most intensive certification levels they maintain to effectively trace it back to the individual mills and farms, using multiple levels of 3rd party certification for each step.

Palm oil became popular in part due to its incredibly high yield, with palm fruit and kernels producing more oil per acre than any other oil crop. Replacement with other oils would be a cause for concern as other oil plants cannot match the quantity of palm fruit, and alternative oil sources require greater parcels of land which unevenly shifts demand into other markets. Use of responsibly grown and harvested palm supports the shift to a system that is healthy for the environment and surrounding communities.

Extraction Method: Expeller-pressed
Refinement Techniques: Refined, physically bleached and deodorized
Intended Use: Food and cosmetic use

This oil comes packaged in plastic jars

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