Spirulina Capsules

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Botanical Name: Arthrospira platensis
Capsules Per Bottle: 100
mg Per Capsule: 450

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Arthrospira platensis is a blue green algae found in warm and alkaline inland bodies of water but is also cultivated worldwide. Autotrophic in nature, spirulina does not need an outside food or energy source as it creates its own food. Spirulina has been harvested and consumed since the times of the Aztecs. 

For hundreds of years, native cultures in Mexico, Africa, and Asia have eaten spirulina as one of their major sources of protein. The high concentration of amino acids has made spirulina a popular nutritional supplement for those who are unable to obtain sufficient calories and protein through diet alone. This can be particularly true for athletes who burn calories at a high rate. In addition to amino acids, spirulina is also a rich source of numerous other nutrients.

Spirulina powder is often sprinkled onto food, added to spice mixes, or blended into smoothies and green drinks. Occasionally, the algae-like flavor of spirulina can be difficult to stomach for the more sensitive palates. Spirulina capsules are a wonderful option for those seeking the healthful properties of spirulina without the algae flavor.

Organic spirulina and pullulan capsule.
These vegan capsules are made from pullulan which is naturally fermented from tapioca.

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