Jojoba Meal

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Botanical Name: Simmondsia chinensis
Origin: USA
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Our jojoba meal is created from the finely ground seeds after they have been pressed to make jojoba oil. While most of the meal is finely ground, there will be some slightly larger and coarser particles due the natural variation of the outer and inner seed parts. Jojoba seed meal is shelf stable and biodegradable.

Like using apricot kernel meal or walnut shells, this meal creates a gritty sensation in soaps, facial scrubs, exfoliating lip balms, and other exfoliating body care recipes. Simply add the powder directly to your recipe and mix well. Blend jojoba meal into a semi-smooth paste with your favorite hydrosol for a simple toning scrub. Note that when added to liquids or soaps, some of the finer jojoba seed particles will absorb liquid and become softer.

Intended Use: Cosmetic use only
Mesh Size: US #30-60

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