The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook

Author: Sarah Kate Benjamin & Summer Singletary
Published: 2020
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Herbalists and authors, Sarah Kate Benjamin and Summer Singletary bring vast amounts of knowledge and creativity to their first book, The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook. An extension of their herbal wellness company, Kosmic Kitchen, this book is both a culinary guide for radical wellness and an introduction to herbalism course. The authors focus on elemental herbalism and dive into the five elements and basic Ayurvedic principles. Sarah and Summer provide wholesome and delicious recipes with multiple ingredient substitutions and variations. Learn how to incorporate herbalism into your daily routine and tailor your kitchen rituals to your specific dosha and the season.

Inspiring and informative, the authors bring the vibrancy of spices and herbs to life in this wellness manual and herbal cookbook. The wonderful text is accompanied by stunningly vivid photographs which are sure to excite and inspire. The Kosmic Kitchen Cookbook will become a well-used addition to the bookshelves of any health-conscious cook or culinary herbalist.

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