Wildcraft Board Game

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Wildcraft! is a charming and informative nature-based board game that doubles as a unique educational tool. Geared toward learning edible and useful herbs and the importance of cooperative teamwork, this fun game is sure to create lasting memories.

Wildcraft! offers valuable insight into the benefits and uses on a variety of botanicals. People of all ages are invited to embark on an adventure up the mountain side to collect berries that Grandma needs to make a pie. Along the way, players will learn all about the many herbs that Grandma likes to use. Players maintain an objective of collecting the right plants as well as learning how to care for others along the way all while trying to make it back to the cottage before nightfall.

The only sure way to win the game is by learning to help others. This second edition of Wildcraft! includes beautiful newly updated illustrations along with access to a fun story and other bonus features!