Yerba Mansa Seeds

Botanical Name: Anemopsis californica
Seeds per Pack: 20
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Yerba mansa is best grown in saline or alkaline soils that are both moist and well-draining with direct sunlight to partial shade. Anemopsis californica resemble anemone plants with their basal, waxy, grey-green leaves that lay flat. A member of the Saururaceae family, yerba mansa also features showy, cone-shaped flowers with many white bracts. It has an unusual aroma that can best be described as spicy, sweet, and almost ginger-like, making it an option for use in potpourris or infusions.

Anemopsis californica is not very tall. However, it can sprawl outwards of six feet if growing conditions are optimal. It produces blooms that consist of many smaller flowers packed closely together to form the main conical portion of the flower. Yerba mansa blooms from March through September, and the leaves change color with the seasons turning from grey-green to red and eventually purple in the autumn.

To grow from seed, it is recommended to start indoors in the early spring after the danger of frost has passed. Sow into prepared potting soil, then place planter in a shallow dish that can hold at least an inch of water. Leave the planter in an area that receives direct sunlight, and seedlings will begin to emerge within five weeks. Young plants can successfully be moved outside to a preferably damp and partially shaded location once a few true leaves have formed.

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